GoDaddy shared hosting review

Recently (2010), I moved my sites over to a Windows Deluxe Hosting package which allowed for working with asp.net and SQL Server. For the price initially this seems like a very good deal and probably not many can be matched. However, after some experiences with it, it has had a few troubles.

Here is a list of pros and cons I have experienced with GoDaddy Windows shared hosting:


-SQL Server can be connected to from SQL Server Management Studio
-Deluxe and Ultimate hosting allow you to host multiple sites
-Ability to run php and asp.net on same site.
-Wait time on support isn't usually more then 10 minutes.


-Database only allows up to 200MB
-If your database fills up you can not pay for additional space.
-You can not connect to to an external database since they block outgoing port 1433.
-Your sharing space with 2000+ other sites
-We had issues the site going down on it's own several times during the day (monitored by Montastic) and GoDaddy support said it was a concurrent user issue but turns out it was an issue with nameservers being flaky.
-Tech support personel sometimes don't understand real technical issues or look outside the box.

Overall for smaller sites GoDaddy shared hosting probably will fit your need just right. If your a business or looking for a very reliable hosting firm this may be a stretch. Their VPS and Dedicated Servers probably are better but I can't speak on that issue. It is kind of funny that with all issues I had they would try to get you to upgrade. Maybe if they worked a little harder on improving the shared hosting you don't have to promote a different service.