My Dyson DC07 All Floors Vacuum Review

Your probably wondering why I am posting this Dyson DC07 All Floors review. Well, just some background, I do not like to clean. Just something that doesn't interest me and could be doing other things instead. Until I got my Dyson DC07 All Floors vacuum.

Lets rewind a year,I got this Dyson DC07 vacuum and what an impressive product this turned out to be. Out of the box it's simple to setup. Connect the wand to the hose and add the 3 attachments (stair tool, dusting brush and crevise tool). Plug the machine in and walla I am vacuuming. What's even more impressive is that compared to my old Dirt Devil vacuum this is so much better I do most of the vacuuming these days. Even though the whole line of Dyson vacuums are cool looking but we decided to go with the Dyson DC07 All Floors. The DC07 All Floors has so much suction. We have a Basset Hound dog and I could vacuum every other day and get a good amount of collection of hair and dust. Now imagine when we vacuum only once a week. The All Floors collection bin fills up to specified line and still has no problem with collecting dust and hair from my floor. It is truely amazing.

Your probably wondering if I have any negatives to the Dyson DC07 All Floors vacuum. Well, I must say I do. My old cheap DD had a light which I kind of liked since when I did vacuum I didn't like to turn the lights on. Even though it probably doesn't really matter anymore because with the DD I may had to go over things a few times but I know now that if I can't see where I am vacuuming it won't matter. My Dyson will get it.

I have seen the new Dyson DC14 and Dyson DC15 lines and would love to test these new units to see if they can match my DC07 All Floors. I have read some reviews comparing the difference between the Dyson DC07 vs DC14 and the main issue is the DC07 has the reversable wand and the DC14/DC15 has a telescopic. In my opinion, yeah the telescopic wand would be nice but I don't find the reversable as a big issue. Maybe if I was changing it 10 times a day but I only vacuum once or twice a week for an hour or so. I do see a very nice feature in the DC15 units is they have 2 seperate motors for suction and for the brush bar. That could be efficient vacuuming.

I also must promote where I got the Dyson DC07. It came from cyclonicvacuum.com. Great service and assistance will all my questions. You may even get a special rate if you decide to go with them.

All-in-all, the Dyson DC07 All Floors is an awesome vacuum cleaner. Worth every penny spent.

If your interested in getting a discount at cyclonicvacuum.com send me an email and ask how do I get a discount on a dyson in the body. It's possible I can get you a 5-10% savings at cyclonicvacuum.com.