RDP Netgear WPN824N


To setup RDP so it uses new port using Netgear WPN824N.

Router: Netgear WPN824N
Firware Version: V1.0.0.14NA
GUI Language Version: V1.0.0.33

1) First click 'Attached Devices' and find local IP:

Attached Devices

1b) Click on 'Port Forwarding / Port Triggering ' in left navigation,
1c) Add port forwarding to the pc you want to open. Note, this image you would need to change from to or it will not work.

Ports - Custom Services

2) Then change the firewall:
(Start/Run.../Firewall.cpl or Start/Settings/Control Panel/Windows Firewall)

Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall Exceptions

Edit a Port

Change Scope
--For exact ip enter:
--For ip range enter:

3) To access from known remote location:

Start / Run command
Replaced with the ip of the remote pc.

NOTE: Notice to have :<port number after the ip.