Good morning it is Thursday, June 1, 2023


Minnesota Boxer Rescue
Looking for a boxer, the MN boxer rescue organization, Across America Boxer Rescue, is a great organization that is providing homes for unwanted boxers.

2013 Twin Cities Bike Tours

Colorado Springs fires 2012

Solar panel on shed

March Madness is here!
Check out some free march madness brackets to get envolved with:

How to Grow a Buckeye Tree

Setup RDP to use new port for Netgear WPN824N

Screenshot of Wii Grand Slam Tennis where I beat Roger Federer on hard setting 3-0 with my own player.

Sprinkler before and after faucet positions

Saint Paul Bike Classic 2009
Finished the 30 miles in 1 hour and 39 minutes. Good times. View picture.
Up next Minneapolis Bike Tour

UPDATE -- Bike MS: Allianz Twin Cities Ride 2009
Finished the 60 miles in 4 hours and 15 minutes. Felt good the first 30 miles but then started cramping so had to ride tempo to not push the muscles. Was a cool and cloudy day with 20 mph winds. View pictures.
Up next Tour de Tonka

Bike MS: Allianz Twin Cities Ride 2009
WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! I have signed up for the 60 mile bike ride to help support research for multiple sclerosis. If you would like you can contribute today and help find a cure for multiple sclerosis. If you can ride a bike maybe you should check it out as well. May 9th in Maplewood, MN.

Minneapolis / St. Paul ( Twin Cities) Bicycle Mechanic
If your in the Minneapolis / St. Paul ( Twin Cities) southern metro (Bloominton) and need a reasonably priced bike machanic please contact Rick. I have a older GT Tequesta and had a busted right rear Shimano thumb shifter break and wouldn't shift down. Went to a very well known bike shop in the southern metro and they wanted to replace both shifters / cables and grips for a total of $172.50. I found Rick and he fixed the part for me for a nice $10 and in 30 minutes!
Rick's Bike Repair price chart

Bottled Water Delivery - Crystal Canyon Water in the Minneapolis / St. Paul (Twin Cities) area is the best for 5 gallon bottled water.

Bike MS: Allianz Twin Cities Ride 2008 UPDATE
I finished the 60 miles. See me in action at the MS60 Bike Ride

New Buckeye
Well, if you didn't know we are expecting and you can read about the newest buckeye in our special section.

Check out the start of Chandra's Cakes. She has a few cakes decorated for you to look at. Get some cake decorating ideas now!

Going to watch the red hot Minnesota Wild tonight. If you can't make a game you must check out hockeyfights.com and keep up to date with the latest action.

Justin Smith sacking Bruce Gradkowski - A very special gift from Mike Carey.

Check out the video of Kevin Kaesviharn letting the Patriots have it. It is in Divx avi format.

Someone also sent me this very awesome remix. (Might not work in Firefox.)

I kick it off first with some info and pictures of my first MS150 bike ride. Lots of fun and I rode solo so had to do a lot of work myself. I road my Raleigh Heat mountain bike with some slicks.

For all you sports fans I have a seperate site that lets you compete head to head against other players and see if you can outpick the other guy with NFL Weekly Picks.

I created a Tongan Translator because I do have some Tongan ties and wanted to learn the language and just though this was a good start for everyone to help contribute.

Come back often for updates.


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